Educators at Lower Macleay Preschool provide a relaxed and caring environment.  This will nurture your child to be enthusiastic and involved in their learning.  We believe that you and your child should feel a sense of connection and belonging to our preschool community.  Our preschool has strong relationships with the local schools and we value these professional connections.


Every child learns through being actively involved in their play.  This provides endless opportunities to connect with children and their educators.  Your child will enjoy the adventure of being in a place where they can create, discover, and learn.


Preschool is a time for children to grow and develop their sense of identity and value themselves as an individual.  We give your child time to think, explore their capabilities, and develop a sense of their responsibility to themselves, their family, friends, educators, and the wider community in which they live.

Our preschool is passionate for you and your child to feel a strong connection with our community.  We embrace all cultural beliefs, practices, and needs of families at Lower Macleay Preschool.  Children are provided with opportunities to learn to understand and respect diversity as we are a nation of many cultures.  Lower Macleay Preschool recognises the traditional owners of the Dunghutti Nation upon which our preschool is located and the deep connections they have with the land.

Our Educational Team believes in providing a calm environment where learning happens naturally and authentically.   Every moment has the potential to be a learning experience.  We have a strong emphasis on teaching children that the core value of feeling good about themselves is the foundation for learning positive attitudes of being kind and caring.  This leads to meaningful relationships with their friends, educators, community and the world around them.  Educators give time and attention and tune into children so that in that moment we are there just for them.  Then children know that we care about them, we respect them, and we value them as individual people.

Our educators recognise the significance of your connection with your child and we acknowledge and value this in our everyday practice.   We believe that your involvement and support will enhance your child’s learning at Lower Macleay Preschool.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with all families and support all child’s learning, wellbeing and development by providing an open, respectful environment that leads to positive supportive relationships.

Our thoughtfully designed play environment will enhance your child’s ability to be an enthusiastic participant.  Our educators will facilitate your child’s interests, current knowledge, ideas, culture, and abilities so that they can fully participate and be an active contributor in their learning.  Play is the way that young children learn and they need endless opportunities to develop skills to reach their full potential.  Educators observe, reflect and discuss how the learning environment empowers children to pursue their ideas that lead to deeper learning.

Our team is highly committed to the ongoing professional development of our educators.  Our management committee is supportive and promote our educators to incorporate contemporary research and practice into our educational program. We want to enhance your child’s abilities so they can thrive in their journey of learning for life.  Lower Macleay Preschool is a place where children are encouraged and inspired to be confident and actively involved in all aspects of their learning.

We believe that healthy eating and being active is fundamental to children’s wellbeing.  It is in our everyday conversations that we discuss and provide opportunities to extend children’s learning and understanding about nutrition and physical and active play.  As educators, we model the benefits of eating nutritious food to encourage children’s increasing awareness and enjoyment of healthy living.

The significance of sustainable living is an important part of our belief.  Your child will have opportunities to discover their connections with each other, our community and the natural environment in which we live.  Our educators are motivated for children to learn and participate in sustainable practice throughout our program.  We want to inspire children to develop reflective critical thinking about the environment so they can become confident and involved and passionate about caring for our planet.

We want your child to know that we will care for them and we will celebrate their WOW moments and delight in their achievements.  We respect and appreciate our families and these connections with our preschool community will form meaningful memories of your child’s early years learning.