Cooking Cheese and Ham Potato

The children cooked potatoes and served them with ham and cheese.

“They grow in the garden on top.  I’m scrubbing the skin off.”  “I like potato when they are cooked.”   “You can make chips.”   “We wash them to clean them.”  My potato is warm.”  “It’s hot.  Cheese is good for you.”    “Yummy.”   “My potato is warm.”    “It’s the best.”   “Good.”  “It tastes like hot muffins.”    “My potato, yum.” “I like mine the best.”    “Hey Mel, I love potatoes.”     “Yummy, me love potato.”

Children learnt about cooking a simple meal with assistance from an adult, that potato can be created into different meals, to try food that they are unsure of the flavour, experiment with flavours, and that cooking is fun and meal times are a social event, a time to talk and share ideas with friends and family and enjoy being together.


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